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The Reality of The Enterprise Sofware Space

The following are important facts to know about the enterprise software space.

  • As nearly all of the research in the IT space has a strong financial bias in favor of industry providers (we are looking at you, Gartner, Forrester, IDG, and others), there is virtually no research into the illegal things done by IT vendors and IT consulting firms. All of these entities have major financial revenue streams from software vendors and consulting firms.
  • Very few IT expert witnesses focus on or have research in the area of the tactics and strategies used by software vendors and IT consulting firms that disadvantage their clients and customers.
  • Information about these things are not public — unless a complaint has been filed where these things have been alleged. Otherwise, IT media and analyst firms will not cover these topics. Both how IT analysts and IT media function is another one of our areas of expertise.

How We Are Different from Nearly All Expert Witness IT Litigation Firms

Most expert witness firms that work in IT litigation focus on technical aspects of the area — IP litigation expert witnesses are a perfect example of this. While we have a great deal of publication on technical aspects, and technical aspects inform our research and expert witness work, our focus is on tactics and strategies that software vendors and IT consulting firms use to lock in their clients and force them into decisions that is against their interests. We are surprised there are not more lawsuits in this area.

We have the most published information and the largest database about the tactics used by these entities to disadvantage their clients and customers.

Client Confusion

Many software vendors are partners with SAP. However, being a partner with SAP or Oracle or Microsoft does not mean they will not use the partnership to gain information and to eventually take customers away from that software vendor. For example, software vendors should also be plaintiffs against SAP as SAP habitually pushes vendors with which they have partnerships out of accounts not by competing on the basis of the software but by setting up arbitrary rules that either require the customers to purchase SAP products in liew of products from other vendors, or by offering very high discounts for buying bundled products.

IT Consulting Firms Do Not Represent The Interests of Their Clients And Are Not Fiduciaries

IT consulting firms know the tactics used by major software vendors like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and others — however, major IT consulting firms value their relationships with major software vendors far more than those of their supposed clients. That is the first thing to understand; IT consulting firms are pawns of major vendors; they are not independent operators. However, they pretend to be “trusted advisors” when speaking to their clients. This is a false impression. IT consulting companies will agree with virtually any falsehood or account control tactic employed by any software vendors with whom they have a partnership.

Important Aspects of Our Offering

  • Our research is unique because we cover the technical aspects of software and the illegal things done by the software industry actors.
  • We have an extensive network where we can find new information combined with models for how software vendors and IT consulting firms work.
  • We have found no other company offering IT expert witness services that has our record of research publication.

When Should You Contact Us?

  • If you are a client of a software vendor or IT consulting company that you think has done something which requires litigation as a response, we are a good place to start.
  • If you are a law firm that is representing a customer or a software vendor that thinks a major software vendor or IT consulting company has done something which requires litigation as a response, we are again a good place to start.

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